How To Book A Wedding At Frutig Farms

  1. Check out The Calendar page to decide if the date you are looking for is available.
  2. Next look at the Structure & Pricing to see if we are within your budget. Misty Farm & The Valley
  3. Look at the Tour Schedule and decide what Saturday is good for a tour.
  4. Scroll down to the Contact Form at the bottom of any page and email me to set up a time to come for a visit.
  5. If interested in booking a date email under the contact us tab to check final availability for the date. (sometimes I delay the posting)
  6. If date is available we will send you a structure sheet and a copy of contract to view.
  7. To book the date we will require a signed contract and ½ of the reservation fee.
  8. Once you are booked and reservation fee is paid you have locked in your date.

After Booking Your Wedding

Two to three months prior to your big day; We will schedule the important walk through meetings. It is approximately a two-hour meeting where we comb through the final details of the wedding day.

In this walk-through meeting; we will focus on all the important details. We will discuss vendor lists, guest counts, schedules, rehearsal dinner, ceremony details, cocktail hour details, dinnertime details, tent/barn layout, table and linen choices. A few days following your meeting you will be sent a cad layout of the dining tent, pavilion layout, or barn layout; for dining configurations, along with a detailed invoice of all your final choices. You will have the opportunity to refine the details of the layout over the next few weeks and give your coordinator the opportunity to begin the final billing and invoice process. All must be decided no later than 2 weeks prior to wedding day so that the final payment can be sent and all cleared, linens can be ordered, and staff scheduled before the day of event. If you have an independent coordinator to assist you, she is welcome to come along for this meeting to help her understand or to have an opportunity to ask questions.

Prior To Your Event

  • The Vendor Coordinator will contact the bride and schedule a 2 hour walk through to comb through the fine details of the wedding day.
  • We will discuss vendor list, guest counts, schedules, rehearsal dinner, ceremony details, cocktail hour details, dinnertime details, tent/barn layouts, table and linen choices.
  • Provide a cad layout for your dining area, cocktail area, dance barn area.
  • We will provide a detailed invoice.
  • We will schedule linens.

The Day Before Your Wedding

  • Make sure tents and tables are set up for your noon arrival time.
  • Friday 1 -2 hours for an on-site ceremony rehearsal.
  • Quick debrief on next days details and decorations.
  • Coordinate with Kelly for a lock up of facility.

On Your Wedding Day

  • Saturday we arrive at 9am – 10am to place linens on tables, setup gift tables … implement your details.
  • We work as a liason or the point person for all vendors and service folks, flowers, caterers.
  • We orchestrate the timing and flow of the ceremony, cocktail and dinner.
  • Help with the implementation of your timeline provided.
  • On- site from 9am to 12am or last shuttle.
  • Organize a contingency plan and implemented when necessary.
  • We assist with the golf cart and tend to special needs and elderly.
  • Help with placing personal items at tables.
  • Have access to emergency kits and miscellaneous needs.
  • We are available to answer all your guests questions and needs throughout the evening.
  • Keep track of bathrooms and cleanliness of the areas.
  • Will help direct guest from parking to ceremony, to cocktail, and dinner.

On Sunday

  • We will meet the bride and groom between 9am and noon for the retrieval of their personal items.

Bottom line is that we want to make your evening stress free and run smoothly. We are there to take care of you and see that your experience with us is a very beautiful and memorable one.

Planning a wedding or event? Contact us for a free consultation.